September Already!

Sorry, August clearly got away from me. 

Between exhibiting at the NY Gift Show, visiting with my son Colin and his wife, Melissa, who enjoyed a little r&r at the Jersey shore (cooler than Houston, but not by much) and just my usual days at the store, I missed my August blog.  However, not to worry, I have great plans for September.   

Basically we have covered bedrooms and dining rooms, I think,  but have we ever talked about the foyer?  It’s huge.  If you haven’t cleaned in weeks, there’s dishes in the sink,dust bunnies reproducing as only rabbits can, it doesn’t matter–as long as your foyer is well designed and attractive.   The reason I say this is strangers have no reason to go any further into your house.  Play dates can be dropped, business can be conducted, and neighbors can peek in without anyone knowing you haven’t made a bed in weeks. 

All it takes is a little planning and some cunning.  Banning the children and your husband from the area may sound mean, but that is why mudrooms and garage entries were invented.  Put some hooks and a bench by the back door and only allow relatives and close friends access to that part of the house.  They know you so there is no use pretending.  

Next you need to find a piece of furniture which is not too deep, unless you have a McMansion and then you have help so this blog really does not apply to you. 

In your case all you need is a gorgeous round table and a fabulous flower arrangement–I recommend my new best friends from the gift show, Diane James and her daughters, Caroline and Cynthia.  They make the most beautiful flower arrangements you can imagine–their wholesale customers include Neiman Marcus and Gumps.  Just go to their website, and you will see what I mean.  They are not inexpensive but when you consider one arrangement could last a really long time (the flowers are all artificial but you would never guess unless you touch them).  And Caroline blogs three days a week, clearly an overachiever, but it is fun to read.     However, I digress.  For those with moderate to small foyers, the answer is a table or a chest. 

Something with a few drawers to stash the bills, park your keys, and hold a hairbrush.  Next comes a beautiful mirror, which not only makes the space look larger but also affords you the opportunity to make sure your hair is neat, teeth brushed, and zipper zipped before exiting your home or answering the doorbell.      

Next some lamps, a basket, or a small flower arrangement to put on the furniture you selected.  Try to leave very little of the top showing for two reasons.  The first is beauty, second you prevent family members from leaving their junk on the top.  And try to refrain from parking family photos here.  Unless someone in the family is a supermodel, these belong in more personal spaces (like the backstairs or an upstairs hallway).  

Now I fully intend to illustrate this blog with photos from the store and home (I actually have two of the vignettes I described because I could not figure out which one I liked best) but first I need to eat lunch and then pay my September bills…but after that I’m on it!  have a great day and enjoy this fabulous weather.Cheers!  Tricia