Decorating is not hard to do!

     I am amazed when grown women, immaculately groomed, accessorized to the hilt and with nary a root showing lament that they are at a loss when it comes to decorating their homes.  They can easily throw down the price of a small sofa for a big name bag, tie a scarf twenty different ways, and be coordinated head to toe but can’t choose a dining room table?

Me, I can find furniture in a vacuum.  In fact when Keith and I were young and living in Philadelphia we furnished our apartment and most of our friends’ simply by visiting my hometown of Rumson New Jersey on Junk Day, a twice yearly event when residents would park their unwanted possessions on the curb for the borough trucks to cart away. 

And years later when I could afford to buy my furniture I read that the designer Sister Parish (I think it was Sister Parish) was famous for finding more places for seating in a living room then you could ever imagine, I felt empowered and purchased two more armchairs that very evening.  I now have six upholstered chairs, two couches, two coffee tables, an antique wooden Irish fools chair and numerous stools and benches and still don’t feel crowded.  

And I could never live without the painted antique pine secretary we bought in Denmark, or the wonderful antique Chinese altar table anchoring a six foot painted Chinese panel of a lily pond and two beautiful white egrets that I convinced Keith would excuse him from having to buy me another anniversary gift ever ( I lied.) 

Does it go?  Of course it does; because the walls are calm, the floors are calm, and the furniture, although in abundance is not drastically overscaled but in proportion to the space.  Is one couch Biedermeier and another Chippendale? Yes.  But the fabrics compliment each other, there are lots of lamps to add warmth and decoration on side tables ample enough to hold both books and drinks, while beautiful paintings and a collection of vintage shorebird prints enhance the walls.

 Do you still think decorating is hard to do?