January 2015-1

January 2015!
Finally!  That seemed like the longest holiday season ever.  Thank heavens it is all over.  Since Thanksgiving it seems like we’ve been running a marathon.  What a relief to have the tree at the curb, the decorations back in the attic and nothing more social in sight than a trip to the gym.
Now is the time some people pore over seed catalogues, we are devouring the decorating magazines we were to busy to read last month and the books we treated ourselves to at Christmas and hoping to get inspired.  What do we predict for the new year?
First of all, although the official pantone color of the year is marsala, don’t go there–unless you are using it in a sauce.  We don’t even see it as an accent color. What we are seeing is pops of blue and white everywhere…lamps, pots, throws, dishes, rugs…From the quiet Darryl Carter aesthetic, to the California beach boy Barclay Butera, one thing they have in common is a love of blue and white.  Go there.
Walls in every magazine spread we love are light.  Light white, light grey, light blue, but all light.  Kitchens are light.  Couches are light, bedding is light.  It all looks impossibly fresh and inviting.  Maybe this is what happens to those of us who toil in the design field but too much color and pattern just seems jarring–and dated. 
People are always amazed at how great things look in our store.  The reason things look nice–in spite of the fact we have a tremendous mix of styles and objects to present and nothing really “matches”–is the floors are neutral, the walls are neutral, and the wooden furniture is essentially neutral–and natural.  We choose our accessories with great care, looking for items that will work in a wide variety of settings.  And actually the same is true for our furniture.  You might think you can only use a chest of drawers in the bedroom but you would be surprised how lovely a beautiful chest looks in a dining room and what beats drawers for stowing linens and silverware?
Which is a long winded way of saying think out of the box.  It’s a new year; go for it. Take a walk around your house and think about switching things around.  Maybe the oriental rug should go in the dining room for a color boost and that lets you tone down the living room a bit…I am not a television advocate but maybe if you put one in the formal living room and some slipcovers on the sofas you might have a room you can enjoy when everyone else is watching the big game.  Do you really need that flat screen three feet away from your bed anyway?
This could be the year you redo your bedroom.  Having a beautiful bedroom is one of the greatest pleasures in life.  To close your eyes in a wonderful surrounding and wake up to the same?  We are amazed how in totally gorgeous homes the master bedroom is often a pig sty.  All it takes is a little thought.  Clean out the closets, put your wash away, maybe it is time to repaint?  Paint is the biggest bang for your buck in the decorating world and it is one of the few things the average bear can tackle–if a painter is not in the budget.
And come see the new British Cottage bed…With a  paneled headboard and footboard in natural pine our bed is soon to be a new classic.  Robust enough for him; stylish enough for her. So unplug, lose the gadgets and who knows what you might happen? It is a new year, after all. Get going!