Back from Vacation

Spring is definitely here.  I went to Florida for a long weekend with some of my oldest friends and when I got back to New Jersey the grass was green, the daffodils were up and the forsythia out.  Thank god!  Finally we can open the windows, sweep out the cobwebs, literal and metaphorical, and get to work.
How to freshen up for spring?

1.   EDIT!  By edit I mean take a long look at what is where.  If you absolutely have to post pictures and photos on the fridge–get rid of two thirds of them–you know what your children look like,  And if you still have Christmas photos up; shame on you.  Next take a look at the desk in your kitchen–overflowing?  Then dump or file but get rid or it.

2.  Here’s another radical suggestion.  I know you love your children, grandchildren, etc but family photographs need not be displayed on every possible vertical and horizontal surface in the house.  And wedding pictures…okay, maybe the first year but after that?
The answer is a wall of fame.  It can be in a hallway upstairs, a foyer, even a powder room–anywhere but all over the frigging house.  You don’t need to match frames, you don’t need to tape out the wall; just get a hammer and some decent picture hooks and start banging.  Not only will it be therapeutic, your table tops and shelves will look clean and fresh.

3.   You may have to spend some money.  I know, I know, times are tough, but guess what?  If you prioritize, make some lists, and think about how you live, you would be surprised at what you can live without.  For example, let’s say you need a new kitchen table.  The old one came from the curb, your mother-in-law, Ikea, whatever–it looks like crap.  But what to do?  Start cooking.
Give up take-out, pizza nights, and a few dinners out.

Not only will your spouse love you but you might shed a few pounds and teach the kids some manners (another blog topic) at the same time.  Before you know it you’ll have money for a new table, and now you will be such a great cook that all your friends and family will be clamoring for invitations.  Or maybe not but at least you will have a beautiful new table to love.