Holy Moly

March 28, 2020

 Like all of you I am reeling with the the sudden disruption of almost everything that has been normal: my job, my work, my life, and my home are all suddenly turned upside down. Is this how Alice felt going down the rabbit hole? 

Maybe. But the fact is all the cliches about life going on are true. If you have not gotten the virus and died, then indeed your life is going on. What are you going to do about it? You can whine and moan and feel sorry for yourself or you can do that Scarlett O’Hara thing and say, “After all tomorrow is another day.” which will be my approach.

I plan to focus on a new project which I will happily share with you. One of my very busy customers is in the process of building a new home not far from the beach in Sea Girt, New Jersey and has asked us to give her a hand with the interiors. So stay with me on this and we can all weigh in on how she should put this all together.